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Mobile time recording at Chirurgie Baregg and Augenzentrum Kiener is this simple

Clear staff resource planning and time recording is essential in the healthcare industry. If you want to do without Excel tables in all the colours of the rainbow and would like to offer employees access to assignment plans and time recording via mobile devices, EuroTime is for you. Chirurgie Baregg and Augenzentrum Kiener in Baden-Dättwil have been working with the time recording system for several years. How does EuroTime simplify everyday work? Denise Boner, who is responsible for the administrative service, explains.


Chirurgie Baregg and Augenzentrum Kiener combine medical and patient-friendly services. At the location in Baden-Dättwil, patients receive advice, treatment and – when necessary – even operations. A lot of value is placed on short communication paths in the process: the doctors, orthoptists and surgeons work under one roof. Patients have access to medical expertise on two floors – in a highly modern atmosphere of well-being, of course, because personal contact is especially important here.
Attending doctors, specialist staff, administrative employees: for all of them, at both Augenzentrum Kiener and Chirurgie Baregg, fingers are the key. The glass doors in the entrance area are opened by scanning a fingerprint – and time recording is also done with a finger scan. There are no time stamp clocks or crazy Excel tables as work plans here. ‘In contrast to a badge, you always have your finger with you’, explains Denise Boner, laughing.
As Head of Administration, Denise Boner uses EuroTime on a daily basis to plan working hours and coordinate work plans. At the end of the month, the monthly time sheets are handed out to employees, checked and signed. EuroTime simplifies the administrative work considerably. ‘I have worked with many time recording systems in the past, and EuroTime is user-friendly, clear and practical,’ she explains. Whether it is available holiday, overtime hours or working hours: with EuroTime, Denise Boner has all the numbers to hand. In case of questions from employees, for example, she no longer needs to search for data or make calculations – EuroTime provides the information at a glance.
Denise Boner manages the figures with EuroTime and can adjust and change them. Even if she is on the go and not working at the computer in the reception area of Chirurgie Baregg, she has access to EuroTime at all times via the app. As Head of Administration, she is always where she is needed. Whether it is at Augenzentrum Kiener, Chirurgie Baregg or external meetings: with the app, Denise Boner can view all the figures at a glance. Employees can also view the data in EuroTime – via the app. The whole team appreciates this transparency and accessibility, which simplifies coordination. For example, if Denise Boner changes the staff planning, the service plans are updated within minutes and not just at the end of the month – that means employees know their work plans, available holiday and their overtime hours on the day. Employees can also independently check whether they have recorded their working hours.


Denise Boner at the reception desk of Chirurgie Baregg. A young woman sits behind a black reception desk. Another person is handing over documents.

Denise Boner is also impressed by the functionality: various companies can be integrated into EuroTime, which is particularly relevant for group practices. In addition to Chirurgie Baregg and Augenzentrum Kiener, the third company, Augenzentrum Watt, is also managed with EuroTime. Implementation was simple, as is operation. At the start of each month, Denise Boner carries out the staff planning for each practice and is happy with the ‘well thought-out’ system, as the EuroTime software allows changes to be made to the service plan efficiently: working hours can be adjusted, and if someone is ill, wants their workload to be reduced or wants time off at short notice, it can be entered in no time.

The most important info at a glance


- Chirurgie Baregg
- Augenzentrum Kiener
- Augenzentrum Watt
- Total: 40 employees

Time recording system:

- EuroTime

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